Stem Cell Processing and Purification

At Stem cells Arabia we provide services for treatment facilities and hospitals that include different aspects and steps of laboratory procedures related to clinical – grade stem cell processing prior to transplantation or for research purposes.

The nature of these services depends on the source of stem cells and on the condition to be treated. This includes the following services:

• RBC Removal
• Platelet Removal
• WBC depletion
• Clinical Grade Purification of :
– CD34 + Stem Cells (From CB, PB, and BM)
– CD133+ Stem Cells (From CB,PB, and BM)
– CD271+ Stem Cells (From Bone Marrow)
– Interferon gamma secreting cells (PB)
• Purification of stem cells from adipose tissue (fat) (in progress)
• Flow Cytometry Analysis of different cellular populations
• Characterization of different types of stem cells, related to :
– Viability
– Purity
– Recovery
– Contamination
• Cord Blood Processing and Cryopreservation (In progress)