The nutrition department at Stem Cells Arabia (SCA) offers food programs and consultations that contribute to improving the health status of the center’s clients, which will positively affect their lives and performance. Proper health comes only through the individual’s commitment to healthy nutrition style. Changing diet and lifestyle may help prevent or control many Health problems.

The nutrition department at SCA provides the following services:

  • Assessing the nutrition needs of individuals and groups based upon appropriate data.
  • Providing nutritional advice and guidance to the clients by determining the appropriate food programs for each individual according to his / her needs and health status.
  • Translating scientific and medical research related to food and health into practical guidance for the general public.
  • Prescribe special diets for many diseases and health problems, including:

– Male and female infertility

– Autoimmune disease

– Multiple sclerosis

– Diabetes

– Osteoporosis

– Cardiovascular disease

– Renal diseases and liver disorders

– Disorders of the upper and lower GI tract

– Polycystic ovary syndrome

– Nutrition during: pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, adolescence, adult

– Gout

– Eating disorders

– Losing/gain weight

– Nutrition athletes