Letter from the CEO

Adeeb M. AlZoubi, ph.D.

الدكتور اديب الزعبي

The world is currently witnessing a genuine revolution in regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy, with massive impact on treatment regimens for chronic and devastating human conditions that were thought for long to be incurable.

We at Stem Cells Arabia are pioneers in the field of stem cell research and therapy in the Arab World, and at international levels. We excel in providing cutting edge scientific solutions and the latest clinically approved technologies related to the utilization of stem cells in research and treatment of chronic and life-threatening conditions. We commit to the highest safety parameters and utmost adherence to international standards.

Our leading team has developed The Jordanian Method which involves the utilization of purified autologous stem cells that are prepared using internationally approved clinical-grade purification protocols. The aim is to provide patients and healthcare facilities with realistic and effective alternatives and amendments to classical medical methods in treatment of chronic diseases in a well-regulated manner without the exploitation of patients’ needs.

To achieve the best results with stem cell therapy, the working teams should profoundly understand the nature of stem cells to be utilized and their potentialities for differentiation and regeneration. This should start with selecting the appropriate and best type and source of cells to be used for treatment of a specific condition, following the safest and most efficient laboratory methods for stem cell processing, and utilizing the safest and least invasive methods for delivering the cells into the tissues and organs to be repaired.

At Stem Cells Arabia, we maintain scientific leadership through our commitment to work with all parties involved including physicians, researchers, and government officials to broaden lines of knowledge and share our experiences that are based on scientific evidence published in international journals.

We have succeeded in providing fundamental solutions to address the mounting needs to treat chronic and devastating diseases in collaboration with the most prestigious medical facilities in Jordan and neighboring countries. We exploit the cumulative experience of our scientists and researchers, and build upon our collaborations with internally renown academic institutions and research centers throughout the world. We concentrate on young brains and empower new generations to reach higher levels of knowledge and offer the best environments for training and advancement.

We maintain leadership through continuous emphasis on transfer and implementation of the highest technologies in our field, and we have successfully added sophisticated modifications to existing high level technologies. This was mostly evident in the superior levels of stem cell processing services that led to remarkable improvements in patient outcomes and new discoveries at our facilities, despite scarcity in funding and low budgets.

We aim to build meaningful and strategic alliances and partnerships with different entities both in government and private sectors at Jordanian, regional and international levels. We look forward to provide primary healthcare facilities and decision makers in governmental institutions with our latest experience