Quality Control

We define the identity of cellular populations to be transplanted into patients with the highest accuracy possible. To make that possible we emphasize on:

Who is doing What and Where?


Stem cells Arabia includes a highly qualified team of scientists, researchers, specialists, and consultants who are committed to provide cellular products and services that adhere to the highest quality control and assurance. The team critically assesses and evaluates each step of every protocol and subjects it to the highest scrutiny before employing it at our practice.


Our quality control covers all the steps starting from the moment of stem cell collection from the patient leading to their purification, delivery back to the patient, and making sure that the patients are properly followed up and are adhering to the treatment regimen.

Our stem cell purification process involves multiple steps that are conducted using methods with the highest safety and quality parameters that employ approved systems for clinical grade purification of autologous stem cells for transplantation. Therefore, the end result would be the patient receiving the highest quality of cells with regards to :

– Cell Viability

– Cell Purity

– Cell Recovery

– Infectious disease-free product



These processes are conducted in the state-of the art facilities at SCA that adhere to the highest safety and quality parameters. When working with stem cells there is no room for mistakes.